Phone Line Problems: FIXED ( Thank You, Randy :) )
If you have tried to call between Wednesday(08/19) and Friday(08/21) and got a busy signal, that was because our phone line was down. We did post a temporary phone number here so you could call during that time. Our main line is back operational!
We are running paintball games again starting February 27th.
Our Store will still be open during regular hours.
Virus Requirements  (Updated:12/04/2020)
     1. A Mask or Face Covering is required to enter our store on weekends. They are not required outside.
     2. Respect others, by distancing yourself from others, while inside our store.
     3. We will allow a total of 30-35 people in our 'picnic table area' at one time, and Ten(10) inside our store at any one time.
     4. We have/offer 'Disposable Safety Face Masks' for $1.00 each. Limit 1 per player.
If you have any questions about our cleaning procedures, please call and ask for Tom.    [ Coronavirus Graph ]
Tom, owner
Credit Card Policy: Due to Credit Card Processing Rates drastic increases at the beginning of 2021, Effective February 1st, 2021, we no longer accept 'Credit Cards'. We do accept 'Debit Cards'. Your PIN is required.
CORONAVIRUS GRAPH: Click Here (All States/Counties)
15 Person Limit Restriction     Effective immediately, we will only allow 15 people/players at our field at any one time. This includes visitors in our picnic area or store. If you wish to visit, but not play, we ask that you remain in your vehicle. The staff and I fully support any actions that will reduce the spread of the virus in our community, and state.
     After speaking to a supervisor at the courthouse, who has been to our field, we are not included in the '10 Person Gathering' Limit which has been imposed by the City/State government. If you have any questions, please give us a call.
Tom McAdams, owner

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