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  • Our Paintball Games

    -- Field No.1 Games --
    (Manmade Area)

    Forts : 15-20 Minutes
    Each team starts in the corners. The purpose is to get to your 'Fort', protect it, and get to the opposing teams fort and pull their flag. Whichever team pulls the opposing teams flag first, wins. Referee air horns start and stop these games.

    Assault : 10-15 Minutes
    Each team starts in their corner. The purpose is for the assaulting team to get to the Far Fort, and pull their flag. If the flag is pulled the assualting team wins. If the flag is still hanging at the end of the time limit, or the assaulting team is completely eliminated, the defending team wins. Referee air horns start and stop these games.

    Center Flag : 10-15 Minutes
    The purpose is to get to the center flag station first, and Pull the flag. Whichever teams player pulls the flag first without that player being eliminated, wins. If the flag is pulled and that player is eliminated before the actual pull, that game is a tie. There is an Electronic Center Flag. It is mounted under our Referee Observation Tower. Simply tugging on the flag (it does not come loose when pulled), sounds a 110 Decibel Siren to signal the end of the game. Referee air horns start these games.

    Elimination : 5-10 Minutes
    The purpose is simply to eliminate all of the other team first. Whichever team is left on the field with player(s) is the winning team. Referee air horns start and stop these games. The game of Elimination is played with a Maximum of 4 players total, and is played on Half Field (half of the entire field). If there are 5+ Players, Full Field is used, and one of the above games would be played.

    -- Field No.2 Games --
    (Wooded Area - Temporarily closed due to short staff)

    Single Flag : 30 Minutes
    Purpose is to get to the opponents end of the field, find their flag station, and pull their flag. Once you pull the opponents flag, call "Paint Check" to summon a referee, after he confirms the flag, he will end the game with his air horn. Referee air horns start and stop these games.

    Captains : 15 Minutes
    Each team selects a "Captain". This player wears a yellow arm band along with his teams color arm band. The purpose is for each team to find and eliminate the other teams Captain, while Protecting your teams Captain. Captains are like any other player and can move anywhere. When a "Captain" is eliminated, he/she should call "Paint Check" so the Referees know which Captain is eliminated. If both Captains are eliminated, the game is a tie. If one Captain's is not eliminated at the end of that game, that team wins.
  • Our Paintball Game Rules

    -- Field Rules --
    (Fields 1, & 2 - Updated December 11, 2019)

    1. Wearing Field Approved Goggles & Having A Field Liability Form on file is Required In Any Shooting Or Play Area, Including The Target Range. Removing Or Lifting Goggles While In Any Play Or Shooting Area IS NOT ALLOWED AT ANY TIME !! The goggle foam Must Stay against the face at all times.

    2. Any person Removing or Lifting their Goggles While In Any Play Or Shooting Area Will Receive One(1) Goggle Warning. A Second Warning received the same day will result in Signout of that Player for that day, and loss of all fees paid.

    3. Barrel Plugs/Bags Are Required At All Times When Player Is Not In A Play Or Shooting Area. Be sure your Barrel Plug is IN before leaving the Game Side of the Safety Netting.

    4. All Hits To The Body Count. Paintball Must Break On You To Count. If any player is wearing more than one(1) layer of clothing, the Paintball Does NOT Have to Break. Simply getting Hit, anywhere on the body, will eliminate that player.

    5. SURRENDER RULE - Any Player That Is Within 20 Feet Of An Opponent Will Give That Opponent The Option To "Surrender". If The Opponent makes any threatening move Or Does Not Surrender Within 3 Seconds, That Player Can Be Shot.

    6. Friendly Fire - Getting Hit From A Member Of Your Own Team Does Count.

    7. If You Are Sprayed By Paint Hitting Brush Or Obstacles, It Does Not Count. The Paintball Has To Hit You, and break To Count (unless wearing more than one layer of clothing).

    8. If You Are Hit You Should Yell 'Out' or 'Hit' To Let Other Players Know You Have Been Eliminated. Players 'Out' Of The Game Should Put Their Barrel Plug In As Soon As Possible, Hold Their Marker In The Air And Then Leave The Field.

    9. Paint Check (Field 2 Only) - If You Need Help In The Field, Yell 'Paint Check' to Summon A Referee. Once A Referee Is Within 5 Feet, You Are Temporarily Out Of The Game. After The Paintcheck, He Will Announce Whether The Player Is 'In' Or 'Out' Of That Game. There are No 'Paintchecks' in Field One.

    10. Any Player Who Wipes Paint Off Of Themselves During A Game Is Cheating. That Player Will Lose All Rental/Field Fees, Participation In Games, and have their Membership Canceled.

    11. Physical Contact Of Any Kind Is Not Allowed During Games. Safety First.

    12. Blind Shooting Is Not Allowed. Blind Shooting Is Shooting Your Marker Without Looking At Where The Marker Is Aimed. Players Blind Shooting will be called out for that game.

    13. Electronic Markers are allowed on our fields, however they must be left in Semi-Automatic Mode. Modes NOT Allowed: Turbo, Full Auto, Ramping, Burst, or anything other than Semi-Auto. This is a Zero Tolerance Rule, no warnings.

    14. Any player shooting their paintball gun into the air or at an angle that could result in a paintball landing on the picnic area / parking lot side of our safety netting will be called out for that game.

    15. Multiple warnings to any player for repeated breaking of rules is cause for cancelation of that players membership and loss of all fees paid.

  • General Paintball & Property Rules

    1. Any player shooting at any lighting fixture, field speaker, pole these items are mounted too, our Referee Observation Tower (Field One), or anything outside our Game Area, Will Be Removed From Games With Loss Of All Fees And Pay Any Expenses Involved To Have These Items Repaired/Replaced and/or cleaned.

    2. Players who are eliminated can not by word or gesture, indicate any intentions or locations of the opposing team members.

    3. This field is "Field Paint Only". Paintballs Used At Our Field Must Be Purchased From This Field And Not Be Older Than 3 Months. Any player shooting paintballs not purchased at this field will be charged a $ 5.00 Fine, for each warning given by field personnel, for using Off-Field Paintballs. Off-Field Paintballs will be confiscated and disposed of.

    4. Profane language and/or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.

    5. Firing of any paintball marker Is NOT Allowed on the Picnic Area side of our Safety Netting.

    6. Player application requires a valid Drivers License OR Military I.D. Card from the applicant (Or Legal Guardian if the applicant is under 18 Years Old). Application is required to participate in any paintball activity at this 'Field Of Honor' Location.

    7. 'Field Of Honor' assumes no liability for any personal possessions/ vehicles brought onto the property Located At 2317 Hampton Rd., Wichita Falls, Texas.

    8. Theft of personal equipment should be reported as soon as possible. A description of any stolen equipment will be posted in the store.

    9. Any unsafe field condition should be reported as soon as possible.

    10. Any person finding any lost equipment should turn it into the store as soon as possible.

    11. No person will enter any play or shooting area without a Field Liability Form on file.

    12. Any person found in any play or shooting area without a Field Liability Form on file will be banned from the field for an indefinite period. This includes, but is not limited to fence jumpers.

    13. Alcohol is prohibited (not allowed) on this property. Any person suspected of drinking will be refused admission that day. Smoking is not allowed in play(the fields) or shooting areas.

    14. The breaking of any field rules will be cause for loss of any rental fees, field fees, and/or loss of membership at owners discretion.

    15. Anyone defrauding 'Field Of Honor' in any way or helping other persons to defraud 'Field Of Honor' will be banned for an indefinite period.

    16. The shooting of any animals on 'Field Of Honor' Property or bordering property with a paintball marker is Not Allowed.

    17. Any paintball marker used at 'Field Of Honor' can not exceed a velocity of 270 FPS, and must be chronographed each time it is brought to this field.

    18. Climbing into trees on 'Field Of Honor' Property is not allowed. Potentially, Very Dangerous. You get shot, you loose your balance, you fall, bad.

    19. Throwing Paintballs on the picnic area side of our safety netting is not tolerated. If you want to throw paintballs around and make a mess, do it at home.

    * All 'Field Of Honor' Rules Are Meant As A Guideline, with the Exception of Goggle Rules. If Unusual Circumstances Cause A Rule To Be Broken, The Field Owner Should Be Consulted.