Every few years, we go through our 'search logs', and add information to this page so visitors can get the quickest answers to the most common questions. If all else fails, give us a call! :)
Note: This does NOT search our 'Paintball Equipment' Catalog.
If you are looking for New Paintball Equipment, Guns, Goggles, Tanks, or Accessories, visit our Catalog.
>> Cost / Price
My favorite calls.. "how much does it cost?". We carry over 1500 parts/products, we do repairs, private parties, nerf parties, BBQ's, we have rental equipment, private pavilion rental(weekdays only), etc, etc. You might try our Group Cost Calculator or Click on the 'Navigation Menu' button above. If you don't find what your looking for, please give us a call at 940-761-5566 (Wed-Fri: 10am-6pm, Saturday: 10am-8pm and Sunday: 11am-6pm).
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>> Catalog
We carry a full line of paintball guns, equipment, and accessories. You can visit our catalog by Clicking Here.
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>> Hours of Operation / Maps
On every page there is a 'Navigation Menu' at the top. Click on that. Under 'Miscellaneous', you will find a link to our 'Hours/Location'. Or, Click Here.
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>> Photos / Photo Album
We do have a Photo Album page. You can find it on the Top Menu from every page. You can get to it directly by Clicking Here.
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>> Rental / Group Reservations
We run 'Open Games' at our field, so everyone is welcome from individuals to groups. We do not take reservations. Our Rental Packages are 'First Come, First Serve'. We do offer Group Discounts though.
Terms Searched: 'discount' 'discounts' 'reserve' 'reservation' 'reservations' 'reserving' 'group' 'groups'
>> Co2 / Nitrogin / HPA Tank Fills
Yes. We fill Co2 and Nitrogen/HPA tanks. We invested in our own compressor in September 2022. It was a very large investment $$,$$$ for the compressor, tanks, parts, hoses, valves, etc., to convert our markers over to HPA. Simply put, the cost of refilling our bulk tanks almost tripled in 2022, something we could not afford. We now fill High Pressure Air(HPA) tanks with 'scuba' quality air. We do not do Hydrostatic Testing of tanks. Click Here for details.
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>> Keg / Kegerator
Yes. We fill Kegerator tanks. The best thing is we fill YOUR tank, and it only takes a few minutes. Most places are 'exchange' only. The most common is the 5 lb. tank, but we can fill 2.5 lb. to 10 lb. tanks. We can fill your tank Wed-Sun, during open hours. Click Here for details.
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>> Our Fields
You can view our fields, layouts, and details by Clicking Here.
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>> Food / Drinks / Snacks
You can bring ANY food or drinks you want to our field, with the exception of anything alcoholic. We also carry a large selection of Ice Cold Drinks (energy drinks, water, soda, gatorade), snacks, and chips!
Terms Searched: 'food' 'drinks' 'snacks' 'soda' 'water' 'candy bars' 'chips' 'munchies' 'beer' 'alcholol' 'alcohol' 'pop'
>> Contact Us
The best way is to call 940-761-5566 :) We are open Wed-Fri: 10am-6pm, Saturday: 10am-8pm and Sunday: 11am-6pm. But, for an actual Contact Us page, Click Here!.
( We get a message once or twice a month on Facebook. They do not notify us of these messages, so this would be the worst place to ask a question. )
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>> Payment Types
We accept the following Payment Methods: Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover. We do not accept Checks or American Express. Due to Credit Card Processing Rates drastic increases at the beginning of 2021, Effective February 1st, 2021, we no longer accept 'Credit Cards'. We do accept 'Debit Cards'. Your PIN is required.
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>> Minimum Age
Our Field 'Minimum Age' for Players is Ten(10) Years Old. There are some circumstances where if the player is small for their age and our goggles will not fit them safely, even at 10 years old, they may not be able to play.
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>> Liability Form
On every page there is a 'Navigation Menu' at the top. Click on that, and on the right side, you will find a link to our 'Liability Forms'. Or, Click Here.
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>> Membership - Reprint
On every page there is a 'Navigation Menu' at the top. Click on that, and under 'Paintball Games', you will find a link to our 'Paintballs/Membership'. For details, Click Here.
You can also get a 'Temporary' Membership Card (online reprint) and request a 'Laminated' Membership Card, if you have played at our field in the past. Click Here.
Terms Searched: 'membership' 'member' 'card' 'lost card' 'lost membership' 'reprint' 'get new card' 'get card reprint' 'card reprint' 're-print' 'membership card' 'points' 'reward' 'rewards' 'become a member'
>> Player Alerts/Text
One of our most popular services. You can subscribe to receive Player Alert Texts. You set the player alert level when you subscribe. To subscribe, Click Here. To Un-subscribe, there is a link on the bottom of this page, or just reply to our text with 'STOP'.
Terms Searched: 'text' 'alerts' 'player alerts' 'player alert' 'sign up player alert' 'subscribe' 'online subscription' 'sms' 'player count' 'players count'
>> Target Range
Our Target Shooting Range is open to anyone. It can be used at any time we are open. We do require you to be a member, or complete a liability form (parent required if the person is under 18 years old). We are also 'Field Paint'. Only paintballs purchased from us can be used, and the paintballs can not be older than 3 months.
Terms Searched: 'What age to do targets' 'targets' 'target range' 'target' 'practice shooting'
>> Employment
If you are interested in finding information about employment at our field, please Click Here.
Terms Searched: 'application' 'applications' 'job' 'career' 'jobs' 'work' 'hiring' 'employment' 'referree' 'ref' 'referee' 'staff' 'employees' 'job opening' 'pay' 'Referee job' 'Paintball referee application'
>> Gift Card/Certificate
We do offer what we call a 'Cash Card'. You can put any amount on it, and it can be reused indefinitly. It can be used to purchase or rent anything in our store. Visit our store, anytime we are open, to pick one up.
Terms Searched: 'gift' 'gift card' 'gift cards' 'gift certificates' 'gift certificate' 'cash card'
>> Gun Repairs
YES. We do Lots and Lots of gun repairs! We carry thousands of parts for the most common guns. The best time to bring them out is weekdays. We charge $15.00 per hour(minimum 1 hour) for repairs, plus parts. Our policy is.. "If we can not fix it, there is NO charge for labor". If your gun is a 'high end' gun, we carry very few parts. If it's something simple, we may be able to fix it.
Terms Searched: 'gun repair' 'repair' 'repairs' 'gun repairs' 'fix' 'gun fix' 'fix gun' 'how much fix' 'how much repair'
>> Bigfoot
Yes, his name is Max. I first saw him in our original Field One, around 2am when I was installing some field lights. This was around 1998. Many players have seen him during our night games. I have lost a few referees after they saw him(I did tell them in advance). Unfortunatly, he left one night in 2011. We had what I call a 'special bond', and it was a very emotional parting. I believe he left because the hundreds of open acres around my property was being fenced off and built on. I have not seen him since that night.
Terms Searched: 'max' 'bigfoot' 'sasquatch'
>> Prize Wheel
If your looking for our Prize Wheel, we have removed it. We had it on our site for over Two(2) Years. It got used so rarely, or people using it would not follow the simple rules, so we decided to remove it. It offered up to $590.00 worth of prizes every week, and there was a big graphic/link to it on our Home Page.
Terms Searched: 'prize' 'prizes' 'wheel' 'prize wheel'