----- PAINTBALLS -----

( Brand may Vary )

( Brand may Vary )
500 Rounds
$ 19.00
2000 Rounds
$ 69.00

March 1st, 2024, Paintball Price Change
Our Case(2000rds) increased $5.00, but our 500 bag dropped by $2.00. Since 98% of our players purchase paintballs by the 500 bag, we are helping the most players.

These Paintballs can be used on our field Any day we run games.
These are our Primary Paintballs, and an Excellent Quality.
Question: Do you want Field Quality or Internet/Discount Quality??
( We do not carry Discount Paint. Price = Quality Level )

What our Paintballs are...
1. Fresh. Our paintballs are always less than 3 months old.
2. Fresh Paintballs break at a lower impact speed (less ouch).
3. Fresh Paintballs have fewer barrel breaks (more game time).
4. Washable. We have never had a complaint of stained clothing.

Field Paint Only

Only Paintballs Purchased At Our Field Can Be Used At Our Field.
Paintballs Older Than Three(3) Months Are Not Allowed.
All Purchases of Paintballs are final. No Refunds.

Why Field Paint Only?

    Field Of Honor cannot survive by Field Fees & Rentals alone. We need income from paintballs too. You will find that throughout the 30+ years since opening we have been very competitive with any local retail store and especially other fields. We have always been here for you! YOUR purchases help pay for Electricity, Propane(heating), Air Conditioning, Staff, Referees, Field Obstacles, Netting, Co2 Tank Rental, Telephone Lines, Insurance, Printing, Advertising, City & State fees, Property Taxes, Portable Bathroom Rental, Covered Picnic Area, Picnic Tables, BBQ Grills, Microwave Ovens, Landscaping, Clean up, Dumpster Rental & Trash removal, Credit card fees, Refrigerator & Maintenance, Laundry Costs, This Website, and much, much more ... These costs are paid all year long no matter how many players we have each weekend. Most importantly, you are helping to support Your Local Community and a Local Small Business. The Staff and I Thank You.

Each player has the option of one of the Memberships below...
   For customers who have played at our field in the past, your Membership Card is required at sign-in. This has been our policy since we opened. Any existing member that does not present their membership card at sign-in, and does not already have a card re-print on order, will be charged a re-print fee of $4.00. Once a re-printed card comes in, it will be held for you until the next time you visit/play.

Reprint Membership Card : Did you loose your card? Was it stolen? Just can't find it? If you would like to print yourself a 'Temporary' Membership Card and request a 'Laminated' Membership Card, and you have played at our field in the past, Click Here!!

   1. Normal Membership, $4.00 per player. This membership never expires and is required for all players (unless you get our Points Membership). With this membership, each player will only have to fill out our Field Liability Form once. Each players information will be kept on file forever. This makes sign-in with each future visit much faster. There are no additional discounts with our Normal Membership.

   2. Points Membership. Full details are below..

   If you need a Membership / Liability Form, Click Here.
   We have had several people interested in our Points Membership, and asking details. This information has been posted above for some years, but to make this information more easily found, we have moved it here.

   Our 'Points Membership' is $40.00 per player. This 'Rewards' Membership is optional, and it also never expires. The players information is still kept on file just like the Normal Membership. With the Points Membership, each time you return to play at our field, you will get Points. These points will be added and tracked by our computers. These Points can then be traded in for various items, including Rental Pouch, Paintballs, Rental Packages, or Field Fees. This membership will easily pay for itself with regular visits to play.

   How it operates: Each time any 'Points' member, plays at our field, they will receive Five(5) Points. If you come out to play, and you use any Existing Points that day, new points are not issued for that visit. Upon return visits, these points can be used for the following items:
Rental Pouch: 5 Points500 Paintballs: 20 Points2000 Paintballs: 65 Points
Field Fee: 10 PointsRental Pack #1: 25 PointsRental Pack #2: 40 Points
   Note: Points do not have any cash value, and can not be exchanged for cash.