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    • >>> Scary Story!! Please read...

          It was a dark and stormy night.. well, it was raining, and the sun was out... (its Texas. its Normal..) This actually happened (03/2010). This is the type of situation that keeps me up at night, at the mere thought that it ever happened even once. This Calculator has been online since 2009, and the fact that I found out about this one event from a visitor, worries me that it may have happened several times in the past that I did not know about....
          A gentleman came in and wanted to check on our group rates. He had visited this very calculator to compare our prices to another paintball field. He wanted to know why his group would cost around $400 at the other place, and the same group would cost over $1000.00 (ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS) at ours??? I almost passed out from shock !!

          He had already mentioned there were about 15 in his group... I knew something was Wrong. I went to this website right in front of him, and entered what he told me, 15- No. 1 Rental Packages, 3- Players with their own markers, they did not need any co2, and all 18 were New Players and would need Membership. The total was $342.00 with Group Discounts. Even Without discounts it was still only $418.95.
          He mentioned he may have entered something wrong... So, Here it is 15 hours later, as I add this story to our website, and it still worries me. My fear is this may have happened to even one other person, and they never came out to play.

      If you use this Calculator, and you get a total and think to yourself, "Is This Right??"...
      PLEASE CALL with your Estimate Code, so we can view your entries.
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      Tom, owner
  • 1. Players Using Our Rental Guns/Packages

     How many players will be Renting Package #1 ?

     How many players will be Renting Package #2 ?
    • 1a. View Rental Packages

      All Day Rental Package # 1
      Piranha Semi-Automatic Marker
      9 Oz. Co2 Tank - All Day Co2 Fills
      Anti-Fog Goggles - 140 Round Feeder
      Paintballs Not Included
      Includes : All Day Co2 Fills & All Day Games

      All Day Rental Package # 2
      Pro-Lite Semi-Automatic Marker
      12 Oz. Co2 Tank - All Day Co2 Fills
      Anti-Fog Goggles - 180 Round Feeder
      Five Hundred (500) Paintballs
      Includes : All Day Co2 Fills & All Day Games

      * Rental Packages Cover Equipment and Games, From SIGN-IN To SIGN-OUT On Day Rented.
  • 2. Players Using Your Own Guns/Equipment

     How many players are using their Own Paintball Gun/Marker ?

     If any players need to Rent Goggles, how many need Goggles ?

     If any players need to Rent a Co2 Tank, how many need a Tank ?
  • 3. Membership

    Normal Field Membership ($3.00) is required at our field. This keeps your information and liability form on file for any future visits. Our Memberhship is a Lifetime Membership. Only players without a Membership Card will need this Membership. Past players who do not present their membership card at sign-in will be charged for a re-print.

     How many Normal Memberships ($3.00) will you need ?

     How many Points Memberships ($40.00) will you need ?
  • 4. Renting Camouflage Clothing

    Camo is OPTIONAL, but does add an extra layer of padding for any player. Do any players in your group want to Rent Camouflage Clothing? One Piece:$3.00, Set:$5.00

     How many want only a Shirt ?

     How many want only the Pants ?

     How many want a Set (Shirt & Pants) ?
  • 5. Paintballs

    The number of paintballs each person uses can vary Drastically. This amount can not be Estimated, but a good 'average' is 500 paintballs per player.

     How many bags of 500 Paintballs will you need ?

     How many cases of 2000 Paintballs will you need ?
  • 6. Birthday, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party??

    If you are planning a Birthday Party, or having a group out for a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, the lucky boy or girl the party is for can get a FREE Rental Package. If they have their own equipment, they have the option of a FREE Field Fee. To get this Special Deal, you need to complete our 'Party Form' at least 3 days in advance.

    To get more/full details, Visit our 'Party' Page... Click Here.

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