All Day Field Fee
$ 10.00

This Covers

All Day Games*
( *Covers Sign-in to Sign-out )
( Co2 / High Pressure Air(HPA) is not included )
  'Personal Marker' Sign-In Special
500 Paintballs for $15.00
Ask for the 'Paintball Special' !

If you purchase One(1) Bag of 500 Paintballs when you sign in for games, you will save $4.00 OFF our regular price. Limit: One 'Special Price' Per Person/Per Day, and only when the player is signing in for games. This special can not be combined with any other discount, coupon or special. Note: Valid for 'Personal Marker' Players Only.
New for 2021! 'Personal Gun' Discount : Click Here!
Camo Shirt & Pants (BDU) - $ 5.00 (All Day)
Camo Shirt OR Pants (BDU) - $ 3.00 (All Day)

Double Pouch (ball carrier) - $ 5.00 (All Day)
( Includes Belt and 2 - 100 Round Tubes )

Miscellaneous Items (All Day Prices)

Goggle Rental - $ 5.00
Feeder Rental - $ 3.00
Barrel Sleeve Rental - $ 1.00

High Pressure Air(HPA) Tank Fills

Tank Refill - $ 4.00 (signed in for games)
Tank Refill - $ 7.00 (not signed in for games)
Co2 Tank Rental (All Day Price)

12 Oz. Tank - $ 8.00 (includes all day co2)

Co2 Tank Fills (Signed in for games)

Single Co2 Refill - $ 4.00 (up to 20 Oz.)
All Day Co2 Refill - $ 6.00 (up to 20 Oz.)

Walk-In Tank Fills (Not signed in for games)

Single Co2 Refill - $ 7.00 (up to 20 Oz.)
Note: Due to several Co2/HPA Price increases, our prices have changed. (12/29/2021)

We can fill tanks for 'Pepperball' (police, prison guards, etc.), 'Vet' (marking/treating animals), Soda Stream, and Kegerators. We can fill Kegerator/Keg Tanks up to 10 lbs. If you need your keg or soda fountain tank filled, you found the place. We do not run a 'Tank Exchange', we fill your tank. Cost for a 5 lb. kegerator tank is $34.00(+tax). If it is a re-fillable tank that fits on a paintball gun, we can fill it.
>> TANK TYPES : We can fill High Pressure Air (HPA) or Co2 tanks.
Visit our Group Cost Calculator for Group Prices.
----- PAINTBALLS -----
Visit our Paintballs / Membership Page for prices.
Banned Paintball Markers : The Following Paintball Markers have been BANNED and CAN NOT BE USED on our property: Eradicator, Marauder, Mangler, Raider, Blade, Blade Turbo, or Outkast.

Electronic Paintball Markers : Any Paintball Marker can be used at our field, including Electronic Markers with Mode Switching, however, Mode Switching is Not Allowed. Single Shot Only.

Since most players with these markers get mad at me because they think I don't trust them, I have added this section. Several fields don't allow these markers. This restriction exists, not because of the player with the marker, but for the players getting shot with it. Watch the video to the right. What chance would most players on the opposite team have against something like that??? I would guess somewhere around ZERO. This marker is Worst Case Scenario. We have never allowed guns to be used in Full Auto Mode. Players using these modes, at our field, are Banned.