Paintball Games Membership / Liability Form
Every New Player who comes to our field to play Paintball Games is required to fill out our Field Membership / Liability Form. Players under the age of Eighteen(18) require a parent or legal guardians signature. Minimum Age is Ten(10) Years Old.

If you have played at our field at any time in the past, we will already have your information, you do not need a new form. If you are not sure, call us, or complete a new form. If you would like to print a 'temporary' membership card, Click Here.

Any person who wants to either use our Target Shooting Range, or Take Photographs of players inside our Games Area is also required to fill out the same form.

If you need our Membership / Liability Release Form in advance, you can stop by our store and pick up as many copies as you need, or Click on the "Download Form" button and print as many as you need. Each copy must be clear, legible, and printed on a Single Page.

Download includes a copy of our Standard Game/Field Rules. Each player should read these before signing their Liability Form. Most of these are not included in our 'Safety Briefings'.