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Getting an estimate for your group is as easy as 1, 2, 3!!
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2. Select the number of players, or items that your group will be needing.
3. Your Estimate displays in the Table under this section.
NOTE: This calculator does not include any 'Specials' we are running or Sales Tax. This does not calculate our 'Party Special' or 'Group Package' discounts.

Your estimate is saved under the 'Code' shown below. Please write it down. You can reload your estimate at any time (up to 30 days) using this code. You can also call our store with this code and we can look at it with / for you.

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1. Renting OUR Paintball Guns :

How many players will be Renting Package #1 ?
How many players will be Renting Package #2 ?
* Rental Packages Cover Equipment and Games, From SIGN-IN To SIGN-OUT On Day Rented.

2. Using Your OWN Paintball Guns :

Is anyone in your group using their own Personal Paintball Gun ?
[ Clicking 'No', 'zeros' all fields in this section. ]

3. Membership :

Normal Field Membership is required at our field. This keeps your information and liability form on file for any future visits, and makes sign-in / sign-out much faster. Our Memberhship is 'Lifetime'.

How many Normal Memberships ($4.00 ea.) will you need ?
How many Points Memberships ($40.00 ea.) will you need ?
For full details on our Field Membership, visit our Membership Page. (Opens in New Tab)

4. Camouflage Clothing(BDU's) :

Camo Clothing is optional, but does add an extra layer of padding for any player. Do any players in your group want to Rent Camouflage Clothing? One Piece: $3.00, Set: $5.00 (Both, All Day)

How many players want only a Shirt ?
How many players want only the Pants ?
How many players want a Set (Shirt & Pants) ?

5. Extra Paintballs :

The number of paintballs each person uses will vary. This amount can not be estimated, but a good 'average' is around 500 paintballs per player, depending on how long they play.

How many bags of 500 Paintballs will you need ?
How many cases of 2000 Paintballs will you need ?
* We are 'Field Paint Only' meaning only paintballs purchased from us (within the last 3 months) can be used on our field. Paintballs harden over time, hence the time limit.
* Our Paintballs(paint) is comprised primarily of SOAP ingredients. In most cases, it does wash out. We have never had a single complaint of it not washing out. However, if left on clothing for days/weeks before washing, the other ingredients can discolor the fabric.

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    We appreciate the opportunity to make your groups outing an absolute blast. Group Discounts start at Eight(8) Players.
    To receive any discounts, we require one of our Discount Forms to be submitted and verified in advance of your play date.
    If, at any time, you want to clear the form completely, click the 'Clear Form', then 'Yes' Button (Top/Left).