If you're a first time player, or a regular, this is the perfect opportunity to give anyone a chance to play, and at/with/for(we, the staff and I, could not agree) a great price!

We bundled our Best Rental Gun(Pro-Lite), and added 150 Paintballs for only $20.00(+tax). If you are a new player to our field, there is a $3.00 Lifetime Membership fee.

This Special is an 'All Day' special, the same as our other Rental Packages. This special includes One(1) Pro-lite Paintball Gun, Goggles, All Day Co2, Access to All Day Games, and 150 Paintballs, for One(1) Player. We also sell more paintballs if you need any.

No other discounts or specials can be combined with this special. This special is Cash or Debit Transaction Only. Business or Corporate Cards can not be used for this special.

This special will start January 19th, 2019. This is a limited time offer, so get it while you can.