If you're a first time player, or a regular, this is the perfect opportunity to give anyone a chance to play, and at a Great Price! This special starts July 6th. This is a limited time special, so get it while you can.

We bundled our Best Rental Gun (Tippmann Pro-Lite), and added 150 Paintballs for only $25.00(+tax). If you are a new player to our field, there is a $3.00 Lifetime Membership fee.

This Special is an 'All Day' rental, the same as our other Rental Packages. This special includes One(1) Tippmann Pro-lite Paintball Gun, Goggles, All Day Co2, Access to All Day Games, and 150 Paintballs, for one player. We also sell more paintballs if you need any.

* No other discounts or specials can be combined with this special. This special is Cash or Debit Transaction Only. Business or Corporate Cards can not be used for this special.