News, Specials, & Events
Prize Wheel ( Updated 06/20/2017 )
    We added a new thing... a Prize Wheel. You can win all sorts of free stuff by spinning the wheel. Give it a try at Prize Wheel.

Minimum Player Age Change ( Updated 01/31/2017 )
    As of January 31st, 2017, we have changed our Minimum Player Age back to Ten(10) Years Old. We had concerns about the younger players for some time. After going over our player records for the past 2 years, we have found that over 40% of the Goggle Warnings were issued to players ages 10-11. We have had several talks with other field owners with similar concerns, and we feel we have found a solution.
    We have been very fortunate, in the 24+ years we have been open, to never have had any eye injury at our field.

Gift Certificate / Gift Card / Cash Card
    For several years we have offered our Cash Card. Our Cash Card is just like a Credit Card. It can be used to purchase anything we sell at our field/store. This is an Excellent way of giving a gift for our business. These cards are secured by funds deposited on the card in advance. Normal cost of these cards is $2.00 each, but if the initial amount put on the card is $25.00 or more, the card is FREE. These cards do not expire like a Gift Certificate, and you can Re-Fill (add money) to these cards at any time, in any amount of $5.00 or more. The card is scanned when a purchase is made, and the funds are taken out of the cards account. Our Cash Card can be purchased from our store anytime during normal business hours, all year long. This is Not a 'Seasonal' item.

2017 Pricing Changes ( Updated 01/15/2017 )
    We have added Military Discounts again. We are offering a Free Rental Package for Birthday or Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, and to make everything easier, we also have 'Walk-IN' Group Discounts! Be sure and visit our Discounts Page for the specific details and restrictions. All Discounts are on the top menu under 'All Discounts Page', or you can Click Here.

W.F.P.D. Swat Team Plays Paintball ( Added 12/15/2011 )

    We got a great thrill when the Wichita Falls Police Department SWAT Team came out to run practice drills. They held some training classes and real-time training for SWAT Tactics out in our Field Two. Due to the circumstances, the day they played was a weekday, and the field was opened exclusively/privately for this group. They even got a chance to get in some good 'ol games of paintball on our speedball course. This was a great bunch of guys and gals, and they will always be welcome to come out and do more training.

New Safety Netting Installed

Roof View
    We finally got our New Safety Netting installed!! It was fully operational on March 24th, 2011. The old netting was removed a few days after that. The new netting is about 10 feet further from the picnic area. It has taken over a year to design the new system, get all the materials, and install the New System. Our New Netting now goes all the way to the ground, and is 3 feet higher than the old netting. The entire new netting raises and lowers with a single cable system which means it is a lot easier to raise than the old netting. It can be raised in less than 1 minute. Due to the high winds we have out here from time to time, the netting will remain lowered on weekdays unless we have players out. It will usually also be down before we open and after we close on weekends.
    I mentioned the 'keeping it down on weekdays' and how fast it can be raised because I had a call from a person who said they came out to play the previous sunday. When they pulled in the parking lot (just before we opened), and saw the netting down, they figured since the netting was down, we were closed, and left. WRONG. We had a total of 18 players that day. They started showing up about an hour later. It would have taken less than a minute to walk inside and ask.

Target Shooting Range Upgrade

Our Target Shooting Range
    I am sure most of you had seen the Target Shooting Range we had in 2008. Well, it had been up for 2 years, and was showing some wear, so as of August 23, 2010, we started construction of a new, even larger, more durable Target Shooting Range. The old one was 6 feet tall, and the new one is 14 feet tall. We put a lot more time into the design and durability. We have removed the old target range. Due to its size, the new one was built 20 feet behind the last one. Everyone is more than welcome to come out anytime and check it out. We have completed as much as we are going to do for now. Our New Target Range got a lot of use on its first breakin weekend of Sept. 4-5, 2010. I kept the "little man" because he has been part of our target range for over 8 years.
    The big guy in the middle we named "Max". He is 7 feet tall. He is the most popular of targets since he has the most paint on him at the end of each day.
    The Customers and Players who help support our field are definitely worth all the upgrades, additions, and expansions we do on a regular basis. Suggestions are always appreciated!! This little addition cost over $600 in materials and labor.

New Sighting Area - November 1, 2015

Overhead View
    We have completed our new Target Range Sighting Area. This area has 20 feet of shelved area to set your gun/marker on while working on or sighting your equipment. This area is also shaded for those warmer days. This area is also where we chronograph your gun/marker (test the speed for safety).

Front Porch Upgrade
    After so many years, our 'Front Porch' was showing some wear, so when I decided it was time to put down new decking, I decided to cover it at the same time. We also added a good concrete pad in front of the steps for when it gets muddy from rain. Now the players have a nice dry spot when entering the store, and I can stand on the front porch and watch the players while it is raining, snowing, or whatever Texas has to offer that day.
    The players love it because they don't have to stand in the rain any more while getting the door open, and getting everyone inside!! It also gives the players just that much more shade while traversing between the store and picnic area during those 'warm' summer days.