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NEW 2015 Discount Changes : ( Updated 02/01/2015 )

We have re-designed our Group Discounts Options. We have made it a LOT easier and less stressfull for groups to get discounts. We have discovered over the past year that most people missed the fact that they needed to complete the form on this page to get our Group Discounts. The reason we did it this way was so we had some idea of when groups were coming, how many players they might bring, and how many groups were expected on any particular day. This gave us a chance to prepare for really busy days in advance. With this information, we could also warn other people that we might be packed on a certain day if they wanted to pick another day. Thank you for reading :)
Important :

Each Person or Group can take advantage of One(1) of the options on this page. Our Field 'Minimum Age' for Players is Ten(10) Years Old. A Reminder for Any Party, NO Alchohol Is Allowed On Our Property!
Group Cost Calculator :

If you would like to enter specific details for your group, and get a cost for your group, Click Here.
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