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Discounts Story :

You will enjoy this story... I know this sounds odd, but some years back, we stopped our discounts(temporarily), and lowered our prices so they were lower than with the discounts. A 'youth group' organizer got upset because we stopped our discounts, and would not bring his group out if they did not get discounts. I explained over and over that it was costing them less the new way. He did not care, he wanted discounts! I offered him the old prices and old discounts, which cost them MORE. Because of this, they came out. I try not to make sense of people.
Important :

Each Person or Group can take advantage of One(1) of the options on this page. Our 'Discount' forms below are only valid on weekends (Saturday & Sunday). Our Field 'Minimum Age' for Players is Ten(10) Years Old. A Reminder for Any Group, NO Alchohol Is Allowed On Our Property.
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