Prize Wheel
Welcome to our Prize Wheel!
Up to $590.00 in prizes, Weekly!*
If you have no plans to play this weekend, please do not claim any prize. There are limits on each prize per week. If you claim a prize that reaches that prizes limit, and you dont use it, another visitor will not be able to spin for it.
Prizes claimed today are valid..
1. Enter your First name, Last name, and Phone number. This information is locked once you spin.
2. Select if you are spinning for prizes in the 'Personal Equipment' or 'Rental Equipment' category.
3. Click on the 'Spin' button!
4. If you land on 'Win', your prize will be displayed, along with the 'Claim' button. You have the option of 'Claiming' that prize, or spinning again(if you have spins left). If you choose to spin again, the 'Claim' button is removed. If you 'Claim' a prize, a 'Claim Number' will be displayed.
You will need this number to claim your prize!
  • Prize List (click to open)

    A. Under the 'Personal Equipment' Category :
    1. All Day Field Fee
    2. All Day Co2 or 2 Nitrogen Fills
    3. All Day Rental Pouch
    4. 500 Paintballs
    5. 12oz Soda and Chips
    B. Under the 'Rental Equipment' Category :
    1. #1 Rental Package
      (upgrade to our #2 Rental for $15.00)
    2. All Day Rental Pouch
    3. 2-Free Memberships
    4. 500 Paintballs
    5. 12oz Soda and Chips
    ( Prizes are 'Randomly Picked' each spin )
  • Terms Of Use (click to open)

      You can spin our wheel 3 times per day (during the same visit), unless you 'Claim' a prize. Each person can only claim one(1) prize per week. Claiming more than one will void any/all prizes that person claims that week. There is a limit of 1 Rental Package or Field Fee per person, per month. Winner must sign in for games that day, to claim any prize.
      No discount, coupon, or special can be combined with claiming a prize. Prizes can not be exchanged for other prizes. Prizes have no cash value.
      Only the person whos information is entered on the Wheel Form can claim/use that prize. All spins/entries are logged. There is a tiny possibility of error on this wheel. By spinning you are accepting this risk, and will abide by the displayed result. By spinning our wheel, you are giving your permission to display your First Initial, Last Name, and Prize you won on this website.
      We reserve the right to ban/deny access/prizes to any person who attempts to bypass our limits, misuse our Prize Wheel, or claims prizes and does not use them.
* Retail Value if purchased
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